IEC 31010 Risk Management – Risk Assessment Techniques


Spend one day with us and learn about risk assessment techniques

You only need to know one standard: IEC 31010

Attendee profile:

Managers, middle and senior managers;
Employees involved in risk management
People who want to gain comprehensive knowledge in the field of risk management

The detailed description of the IEC 31010 standard allows the participation in the training even for people who are just starting their adventure with risk management.
It will also be a great complement to knowledge for those already working in the area of ​​risk management.

Form of training:

Lectures and a seminar intertwined with practical exercises closely related to the field of the participants’ industry.

Training schedule

  • Risk Management – ISO 31010 Risk Assessment Techniques
  • Basic terms (uncertainty, risk)
  • Applications of risk assessment techniques
  • Implementing risk assessment (undertake the assessment, define the purpose and scope of the assessment, understand the context, interact with stakeholders, define goals, take into account human, organizational and social factors, set criteria for reviewing decisions)
  • Manage information and develop models (gather information, analyze data, develop models)
  • Risk assessment techniques (identify risks, identify risk sources, investigate the effectiveness of existing safeguards, understand consequences and probabilities, analyze interactions and dependencies, understand risk measures)
  • Review analysis (verify and validate results, analyze uncertainties and sensitivities, monitor and review)
  • Apply results to supporting decisions (make decisions about the significance of risk, make decisions involving a choice between options)
  • Record and report risk assessment process and results
  • Choice of risk assessment techniques
  • Categorization of risk assessment techniques


Our trainers have many years of practical experience in implementing, auditing and improving management systems in many industries.


  • participation in the training in a small group
  • certificate of participation in the training
  • practical knowledge supported by numerous exercises carried out during the training
  • training materials rich in useful information on IEC 31010 and examples of tools that can be an invaluable aid in risk assessment
  • answers to questions about risk assessment techniques bothering participants both during the training and after the training, because our Trainers are at your disposal to provide help and advice (additional service – SUPPORT).

Duration: 1 day

Additionally, it is possible to book accommodation. Accommodation for training participants is booked in cozy hotels near the training place.

The on-line training price includes:

  • participation in training,
  • certificate after training,
  • training materials provided in electronic form, sent by e-mail to participants,
  • consultations with the Trainer (during the training) on ​​topics related to the topic of the training.

The on-side training price includes:

  • participation in training,
  • certificate after training
  • training materials provided in printed and electronic form, sent by e-mail to participants,
  • consultations with the Trainer (during the training) on ​​topics related to the topic of the training,
  • lunches during the training and coffee snacks,
  • optional accommodation and breakfast.