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ISO/IEC 27043 training

Expert and Internal Auditor ISO/IEC 27043

Comprehensive training in the principles of incident management, principles and processes used in investigations, giving the qualifications of an ISO 27043 Internal Expert and Auditor.


2 days

Participant profile:

  • Middle and senior managers, IT specialists and information security specialists
  • Employees  involved in activities related to the information security,
  • Persons who wish to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the processes of  incident investigation

A detailed discussion of the requirements of the ISO 27043 standard allows participation in the training even for people who are just starting their adventure with ISO, but have basic knowledge in the field of information security and ISO / IEC 27001.
It will also be a great complement to the knowledge for those already working in the field of IT and information security.

Training schedule

Day 1:
Information technology — Security techniques — Incident investigation principles and processes

  • ISO/IEC 27043:2015 standard
  • Introduction
  • Standards scope
  • Normative references
  • Terms and definition
  • Digital investigation processes
  • Overview of readiness processes, scenario definition processes, identification of the potential digital evidence sources process.
  • Planning, implementation and assessment of incident detection processes
  • Processes of acquisition, examination and interpretation of digital evidences
  • Investigative processes, included examination, interpretation and reporting of digital evidences
  • Concurrent processes: managing information flow process, preserving chain of custody process, preserving digital evidence process, interaction with physical investigation process
  • Digital investigation process model scheme
Day 2:
Internal auditor

  • Managing and conducting an audit
    • Definitions of audit, nonconformance, post-audit actions
    • PDCA cycle in application to audit planning
    • Audits planning
    • Establishing contact with auditee
    • Opening meeting
    • Audit findings – defining
    • Preparing audit report
    • Post-audit activities
  • Exam – Internal auditor
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